Trs currently centres his work on the most abstract of all abstracts, the universe. In this, he takes support from strict geometrical structures representing the basic mathematical and physical proportions between entities. Without such support, it would be an insoluble problem, a mere random tangle of relations and variables, a chaos of expression and self-projection. This is also how the cosmos lives up to its name: it is beautiful in its entirety, yet remains intrinsically human. It is an image, a painting that we see, the ultimate expression of human creativity – yet at the same time, it is also evidence of its fragility.

Curator: Barbora Kundračíková

The exhibition is accompanied by an eponymous publication with an introductory text of curator Barbora Kundračíková, Kenneth G. Hay and Miroslav Petříček. The graphic visuals of the book and exhibition were made by Pavel Tichoň.

With thanks to the exhibition’s partners: Ministry of Culture of the Czech Republic, Prague City Hall, Art District 7, Radio 1,, ArtMap and Wine4You.