Jakub Hubálek: Black and white summer

350 Kč

A book presenting a selection of mostly monochrome oil paintings by the author. Jakub Hubálek entered the Czech art scene in 2010, when he graduated from the Prague Academy of Fine Arts in the Drawing Studio.

His work moves between photographic descriptiveness contrasted with impulsive expressive gestures. The relationship with this medium is also essential for his author's conception of the image, and it is precisely on this relationship that all the essential specifics that make his painterly expression exceptional and recognizable are based. The orientation towards black and white tonality, to which he worked his way through green monochromes, is balanced by the author within the pictorial constitution with a sense for the contrast of forms. On the one hand, descriptiveness on the border of the cited photographic model, on the other, impulsive expressive inputs that dismantle descriptiveness in its perfect illusiveness. The tension between the two poles of expression (precision vs gesture) creates a world of changing, contradictory atmosphere, behind which we feel the ambivalent view of an introvert. Somewhere rather critical, elsewhere sober, but often subversively subversive or captivatingly melancholic.

The publication in the graphic design of Studio Dipozitiv contains a retrospective selection of works by Jakub Hubálek together with an accompanying text by the curator Petr Vaňous and an interview by Tomáš Poláček with the artist.

Number of pages: 200
Production: Blanka Čermáková
Photo: Author's archive, Collett Prague Munich
Translation: Phill Jones
Proofreading: Terza Hubáčková
Print: Quatro Print
Number of copies: 300 pcs
Number of pages: 200
Published by Spolek Trafačka as its 25th publication
ISBN 978-80-907418-7-4