Duo Neone: Michal Cimala a Michal Škapa

400 Kč

The permanent pair of post street-art authors presented a series of works based on the principle of neon. Although neon as a medium is nothing new for both authors, both will present for the first time a comprehensive series of works based on the specific properties of this rare gas. The medium of neon and especially its properties contrast with both authors. For the intense glow of neon, it needs to be insulated. In the case of the work of Michal Škapa and Michal Cimala, it is the exact opposite. The nature and energy of both authors is invasive and for many even contagious. The inert, inconspicuous, precise and clearly defined element of neons is transformed in the work and hands of this pair into an expressive tool intended for the audience, life and in general anyone who will care. It's kind of an oxymoron. We could almost say that the sun will "rise in the west" and "set in the east" at Trafo Gallery.

Curator: Jan Kudrna
Number of pages: 170
Number of covers: 2 pcs
Texts: Jan Kudrna
Production: Blanka Čermáková
Graphic design: Jan Matoušek (Magio Works)
Prepress preparation: Šimon Brzobohatý
Photographs: Martin Schubert, Tomáš Brabec, František Ortmann, Igor Zacharov, Tomáš Rasl, authors' archive
Translation: Phil Jones
Proofreading: Tereza Hubáčková
Print: Tiskárna Helbich, a.s.
Number of copies: 800 pcs
Published by Spolek Trafačka as its 27th publication
ISBN 978-80-907418-9-8