Paravan presents the eponymous series of paintings by Ira Svobodová, in which she has managed to associate some of her works directly with the gallery space. The large-format paintings depict the exhibition exactly as viewers find it when visiting the gallery. This conceptual approach places the otherwise meticulously organized compositions into different contexts.

The result is a “new wave” that can, with some exaggeration and in the spirit of the times, be called “Paravan 2.0.” In this sense, the exhibition is not the natural culmination of an earlier effort over a clearly defined period of time, but instead becomes an actor that indirectly co-shapes the final form of the artworks themselves. It is part of a whole and endures into the future in painted form.

Along with the exhibition, the gallery is publishing an eponymous bilingual publications with texts by Tereza Bruthansová, Meghan Gordon, Jan Kudrna, Jiří Machalický, Thomas Miessgang, and Carl E. Smith, and with graphic design by Ira Svobodová and Eva Hanzalová.

Curator: Jan Kudrna

We would like to thank the following exhibition partners: Czech Ministry of Culture, City of Prague, Art District 7, Radio 1,, ArtMap, Wine4You.