František Skála (* 1956) is a sculptor, painter, performer and author of one of the first Czech comics. He belongs to the Sklep theater, co-founded the group Tvrdohlaví and is a member of the secret group B.K.S. (The world will end). He studied woodcarving and television and film graphics, in the past he made a living as an illustrator. He was one of the first laureates of the Jindřich Chalupecký Prize (1991) and represented the Czech Republic at the prestigious Art Biennale in Venice (1993). Rock, with a mixture of humor and seriousness, irony and reverence, monumentality and subtle sensitivity, mostly creates variations on natural objects. In addition to sensitive communication with nature, his works also reflect other areas of human life, such as the creation and processing of synthetic materials. Also with a certain degree of ironic insight, he sensitively picks up the light, color, shape and material qualities of found things and their unexpected combinations.

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