In her work, Dana Sahánková represents both the position of sensitivity to the subject of internal changes of human consciousness depending on the progress of time, as well as the constant search for new expressive procedures within the framework of traditional "drawing". It thus expresses contradictory experiences, which, with their refined nature and volatile dimension, are beyond the realm of mere intellectual analysis and reflection. They are a kind of "transition zones" between materiality and dreamlike magical reality, which best affect the mystery and ghostliness of internal transformation events, where all tools of measurability, rational assumptions and causality fail.

Dana Sahánková's drawings are stagings of some kind of return, through which the hidden regularities of human sensory perception are revealed, depending on the depth and intensity of inner experience. The author visualizes states that go beyond a person in all directions. The movement that the drawing stirs up and which often disappears in the darkness of the background or in the white area of the image background is essential.


Požehnáno, co se zelená 

Tuš, akvarel, pastel na plátně
212 x 240 cm

Zrození Venuše, zrození ze tmy

Tuš, akvarel, pastel na plátně
240 x 150 cm

Bez názvu VII-I

tuš, zlatý akryl na plátně
200 x 140 cm

Bez názvu VI-I

tuš, tužka na plátně
240 x 210 cm

Bez názvu II-I

tuš na plátně
210 x 250 cm


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