Zbyněk Sedlecký: Staging

1390 Kč

Monography and catalog of the painter Zbyňek Sedlecký published on the occasion of the exhibition Staging, which took place in the Telegraph Gallery in Olomouc. The curator of the exhibition and also the editor of the book is Petr Vaňous, who in several chapters provides an overview of the path of painting to date as well as the development of the artist himself. Here, Vaňus emphasizes above all the transformation during the last few years, when we were all forced to stay in isolation under the influence of the covid pandemic, which was one of the reasons for the change in the visual character of Sedlecký's works. He moves from his distant, alienated landscapes and open exteriors to a closed environment. He shuts himself up in his studio, works with self-portraits and artificially created reality. It is trying to capture something close that seems almost at our fingertips. It thus becomes a frequent motif of his current works, as a symbol of knowledge through the sense of touch. He places this intimate closeness in a mysterious timelessness, using masks, props and mystification. A world staged in this way can very easily be questioned and thus remains elusive.

Curator: Petr Vaňous
Lyrics: Petr Vaňous, Lorenzo Fusi, Lucia Rossi
Graphic editing: Pavel Ticho(ň)
Photo: Matěj Doležal, Ivan Pinkava, Ján Rečo, Marcel Rozhoň
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295 pages
ISBN 9788090872073