Veronika Holcová: Within Hand's Reach

550 Kč

The book At hand presents more than 150 colorful drawings by Veronika Holcová from 1997-2015, created at first by simply applying oil paints with the tips of the fingers directly on paper and then using a fine brush technique. Veronika Holcová's drawings were accompanied by D. Ž. Bor, Jáchym Topol, Petr Borkovec, Markéta Pilátová and Jakub Řehák, words and images, visual arts and literature are literally "at your fingertips".
All texts are also presented in English, German, French and Italian translations.

Author: Holcová, Veronika, Bor, D. Ž., Borkovec, Petr, Pilátová, Markéta, Řehák, Jakub and Topol, Jáchym
Publisher: Trigon
EAN: 9788087908082
ISBN: 978-80-87908-08-2
number of pages: 212 pages
language: Czech, English, German, French, Italian
size: 22.8 x 28.5 cm
year of publication: 2015 (1st edition)