Michaela Černická a Jiří Černický: Two Decimal Points in the Middle of a Sentence

250 Kč

Accompanying bilingual catalog with two types of cover for the exhibition of the same name by the artists Michaela and Jiří Černický at Trafo Gallery.

Michaela Černický and Jiří Černický are a couple, they have two children together. Jiří is a multimedia artist, writer and until recently was active as a teacher. Michaela restores works of art, illustrates books and paints. Their creative careers are separate, yet intertwined. Although their work differs in many ways, they have exhibited together several times in recent years. Despite mutual differences, long-term coexistence brings an artistic harmony that makes similar exhibitions audible. Jiří can create expressive works of manifestation, but his work also contains a level of quiet introspection and meditative listening. Especially when confronted with the works of his partner, we realize how he can speak with pauses between words. Michaela rarely departs from the medium of painting and drawing, and her works have a more personal character than the extroverted works of Jiří, but they definitely go beyond autobiographical records and surprise with the universality of her experiences. Michaela's subtle interventions take place in a global field of meaning, and despite the modest scale, they can be deafening with the power of their message.

Texts: Tomáš Pospiszyl
Graphic design: Marek Pistora
Production: Blanka Cermáková, Lucie Kropáčová, Šárka Samková
Photo: Martin Polák, authors' archive
Translation: Phil Jones
Text Proofs: Tereza Hubáčková
Paper: G print 135 g
Printing: Tiskárna Indigoprint, s.r.o.
Number of copies: 250 pcs
ISBN 978-908604-6-9

Published by Spolek Trafačka as its 44th publication.