Martin Salajka: Neurosis

400 Kč

A bilingual book accompanying the Neurosis exhibition of the same name with an introductory text by the curator Otto M. Urban and an interview with Martin Salajka.

The book represents the last year of the painter's work, working with natural motifs, varied visuality and distinctly colorful expression. Dark forests, an underwater world, nocturnal frenzies, urban packs of nocturnal elements and the terrarium life of bright chameleons that Salajka keeps himself, photographed in meticulous detail by photographer Tomáš Rasl and in graphic design by Jana Vahalíková.

Lyrics: Otto M. Urban
Production: Blanka Čermáková
Graphic design: Jana Vahalíková (Studio Marvil)
Photographs: Tomáš Rasl, Eva Malušková, Marcel Rozhoň, Lukáš Skalický
Photo portraits: Tereza Jirásková
Translation: Bianca Bell, Phil Jones
Proofreading: Blanka Čermáková, Eva Janovská
Printing: Printing house Helbich
Number of copies: 600 pcs
Number of pages: 192
Published by Spolek Trafačka as its 26th publication.