Jaroslav Róna: One hundred drawings from somewhere

498 Kč

Jaroslav Róna is not only the author of monumental sculptures and large canvases, as he has been perceived by the public in recent years. He also likes to draw and illustrate (let's remember his presentation of E. A. Poe's short stories in the collection Demon of Perversion or an authentic look into the world of Orwell's novel Nineteen Eighty-Four). This particular set of books represents Rón's "travel notes", which are created in the moments of the author's relaxation and can be labeled, for example, with the term semi-automatic drawing.

Despite their seeming randomness, we recognize Jaroslav Róna in them quite safely. His favorite motifs as well as his specific sense of humor appear on them. Rón's drawings – much more subtle than other works – are an insight into the author's subconscious, uncovering the imaginary lid over the crucible of his mind. Due to their dimensions, we find our way to them more easily than to Rón's large sculptures.

Manufacturer: Argo

Author: Jaroslav Róna

Publisher: Argo

Number of pages: 216

Release year: 2019

Language: Czech

ISBN 978-80-257-2624-2