Ivan Pinkava: Remains

1000 Kč

The monographic book presenting the Czech photographer in the full breadth of his work.

Over the course of almost thirty years, Ivan Pinkava has created his own unique visual language, which can be identified with his way of thinking about the world. His work is primarily a ruthless reference to the state of the human spirit in an individual of the so-called Western culture. He creates a series of theses about the identity and doubts of a person who goes through historical experiences – crises, ups and downs, in order to always return to the universally applicable rules of human existence, the precise naming of which is beyond our ability. If these rules of naming are deviated from, then on the contrary, visual evocation, a photograph – an image, is often stronger and stronger. The monograph was published in English on the occasion of Pinkav's exhibition at the American University Museum at the Katzen Arts Center in Washington, and for the Czech market it is supplemented with a Czech text insert.

Author: Ivan Pinkava, Petr Vaňous
Publisher: Arbor vitae
EAN: 9788074670015
ISBN: 978-80-87164-64-8
Description: 1× book, bound, 242 pages, Czech, English
Dimensions: 23.5 × 28.5 cm
Year of publication: 2012
Language: Czech, English