Epos 257: About a tree

390 Kč

A book summarizing one of the artist's Epos 257 projects.

Epos 257, writer, artist and businessman in one person, the central character of many events, which sometimes you don't even know about. Maybe you heard something on TV, maybe you read in the daily press, but it is certain that this person has a lot of interesting projects under his belt. The currently published book 'EPOS 257 - About a Tree' is dedicated to one of them, both in pictures and in writing.

Text: Radek Wohlmuth
Translation: Zoltán Kokeš jr., Pavel Prokopič
Photos: EPOS 257, Bára Pivoňková, Sader, Ruled, Tworbo, Hanes
Selection of photos: Ondřej Klíma
Photo editing: Jiří Svoboda
Graphic design: František Kast, EPOS 257
Print: Europrint, a.s.
Agarde Publishing, Prague 2009
ISBN 978-80-254-5227-1