Anima Materia

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A catalog published for the sculpture exhibition representing 14 artists from the broad contemporary Czech sculpture scene. The connection between the choice of male and female sculptors is the primary focus of the authors on figurative sculpture and the emphasis on the breadth and variety of the material they work with. It is the material - matter - that determines the character of the work of each of them. Whether the sculptor places greater emphasis on craftsmanship or prefers freer experimentation, returns to historical techniques or uses modern technology, he always breathes new life into the given material with his approach. The selected sculptors work with metal, ceramics, wax, glass, marble, porcelain, plaster or concrete, however, in the spirit of the well-known formula "you are dust and you will turn to dust", most authors refer to the deep meaning of the primary material, which is the basis of everything. And so, through their work, we constantly return to the mythical figure of the Golem created from clay, which can be brought to life in only one way. By putting a soul into the matter.

Represented authors: Patrik Adamec, Dana Bartoníčková, Michal Cimala, Veronika Durová, Tereza Eisnerová, Andros Foros, Kurt Gebauer, Martina Hozová, Martin Janecký, Sabina Knetlová, Magdalena Roztočlová, Marek Škubal, Richard Štipl, Benedikt Tolar

Anima Materia

30.6. – 13/8/2023

Curator, texts: by Kristýna Jirátová

Graphic design: Design Studio Fajn@Fresh Laura Morovská, Róbert Půček

Production: Blanka Čermáková, Lucie Kropáčová, Šárka Samková

Photography: authors' archive

Translation: Phil Jones

Text proofs: Tereza Hubáčková

Printing: Printing house Helbich, Brno

Number of copies: 250

ISBN 978-80-908604-4-5