The size of the Polish graffiti and street art scene corresponds not only to its geographical area, but also to its border proximity with Western European countries, which became the first meccas of street art in the 1980s after it moved across the ocean. Polish researchers and galleries, which have been devoted to the topic of urban art for a long time, have the scene carefully documented and support it in all possible directions. Among the most famous festivals on this topic north of our borders is Outline Color Festiwal, founded in the city of former textile factories Łodz. The large and bare industrial facades of the houses in the city's desolate neighborhoods welcomed large-format paintings by local and foreign writers with open arms and thus became an ever-expanding open-air gallery.

A selection of Polish artists (some of whom the Czech audience already met at the international festival NAMES (2008) or the exhibition Obsessed with the City (2011), both organized by Trafačka) will then settle down for the summer months in Prague, in Trafo Gallery. A graffiti jam will be organized for the exhibition and several legal murals will be created in the streets of Prague.

Exhibitors: Chazme / Czarnobyl / Etam Cru / Kamil Kuzko / Monstfur / M-City / Nawer / Finer / Sainer / Sepe / Zbiok

In cooperation with Europejska Fundacja Kultury Miejskiej (European Foundation for Urban Culture), Adam Mickiewicz Institute, Brain Damage Gallery and the Polish Institute in Prague.