The definition of one's own environment within the framework of the conventional understanding of painting is essential in the work of Lucie Hošková, who is currently studying at the Drawing Studio (Alice Nikitová School) at the AVU in Prague. She works with composted canvas that has been buried in the ground for several months. However, for the author, the canvas is not a continuous and unchanging platform. She stitches its fragments together so that the substrate itself is part of the painting. Hošková paints stitches, watercolors, charcoal, and clay, which are imprinted on the canvas over time. Gesture and statement are essential denominators for the author. Grafts of extreme life events, injuries, caused by an involuntary arrival in this world, as well as a free choice to end the stay in it, are combined on the canvas. Torn records reveal messages from the ancient past about the difficult world that once was here, echoes of which hit our minds. Death and life intertwine in such a way that sometimes one area stands in for the other.

2023–now Drawing Studio (A. Nikitinová School), AVU, Praha, CZ
2021–2023 Drawing Studio (J. Petrbok School), AVU, Praha, CZ

Solo Shows:
2024 Pach vagíny a dezinfekce, Art space NOV, Pardubice, CZ
2024 Zlatý kolovrat, PageFive, Praha, CZ

Group Shows:
2023 It Is a Painful Thing to Be Alone: We Are But One, DOX, Praha, CZ
2023 Rozptyl, Karpatská 24, Bratislava, SK
2023 Poslední večeře, Nookart Studio, Praha, CZ
2023 Efeméra, HIDDEN gallery, Praha, CZ
2022 Florálie – Od Idyly k halucinaci, Art in Box Gallery, Praha, CZ


Roztoč / Mite

akvarel, pastelka
250 x 30 cm

 Co kdybychom se, drahý, oběsili? / How about we hang ourselves dear?

kafe, akvarel, tužka, dekompostované plátno
80 x 86 cm

Mind Left the Sex

akvarel, hlína, akryl
80 x 120 cm

 Clit on your grave 

dekompostované plátno, akvarel
200 x 30 cm

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