Ester Knapová is a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague (2013 - 2019, Malba II studio, Vladimír Skrepl School). In 2019, she had a working residency at the Browse and Darby Gallery in Lodýn. Ester Knapová's paintings can be read as very sensitive and mysterious introspective probes. Here we encounter an expressive world analogous to the nature of archival photography, but with painterly shifts and dreamlike interpretations. Here, the unequivocal memory tends to be blurred in favor of a more generally conceived, complex communication. Knapová situates the recurring motifs of landscape sections, forgotten places, witnessing events and rituals to the time of childhood, which she thus elevates to a natural laboratory of many simultaneous processes reshaping the human being over time. And since time is elusive as a separate referent, it is replaced by places, spaces, figures and objects.



olej na plátně
151 × 110 cm

Borůvky II.

olej na plátně
83 × 75 cm


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