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miLES: The Prague Connection

27. 10. 2015 - 28. 10. 2015



miLES, 103 Allen Str., LES, NYC

Michal Cimala / Jan Kaláb / Nick Kuszyk / Lance de Los Reyes / Jakub Nepraš / Mason Saltarrelli

Curated by Trafačka

Though each of the artists participating in the international group exhibition The Prague Connection has their own distinctive style, what brings them together, apart from age and close friendship, is the fact they are active artistically in public space. Whether in the sphere of painting, objects, poetry or video installation, most of these artists selected this path as the most direct way of establishing contact with the viewer. Though the intensity of impact is incomparable with a gallery presentation, the artists are like fish in water in this environment. Another common denominator is passion as a strong driving force behind their work. This might take the form of a wild spontaneity and expressiveness in painting and sculpture (Michal Cimala), a harmonious dynamism, precision and sensitivity to clean geometric shapes and colours (Jan Kaláb), a sophisticated illustrative aura and a geyser of colours (Nick Kuszyk), the inventive creativity of their own unforgettable micro-worlds (Jakub Nepraš), a wealth of imagination, symbolism and mysticism arising from deep historical roots (Lance de los Reyes), or the subtle spirituality and delicacy of abstract, meditative expression (Mason Saltarrelli).

The group exhibition shows that the origin of each artist is not of crucial significance. The purity of artistic expression will always speak on their behalf, since good art speaks for itself.

Michal Cimala (http://www.michalcimala.cz/)
Jan Kaláb (http://www.jankalab.com/)
Nick Kuszyk (http://www.rrobots.com/)
Lance de Los Reyes (http://theholenyc.com/2014/09/21/lance-de-los-reyes/)
Jakub Nepraš (http://jakubnepras.com/)
Mason Saltarrelli (http://www.masonsaltarrelli.com/)

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