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Zdeněk Trs: Popelavý svit / Earthshine

24. 10. 2019 - 24. 11. 2019

Vystavující: Zdeněk Trs

Kurátor: Barbora Kundračíková

Tisková zpráva (.doc)

Press release (.doc)

This time, the paintings by the painter Zdeněk Trs focus their attention on the abstract of all abstracts – the cosmos. It is based on a strict geometric construction, representing the basic mathematical and physical conditions between the individual entities. Without this support, it would be an intractable problem, a mere random tangle of relationships and variables, a chaos of expression and self-projection. In this way, the cosmos also gets its name – it is beautiful in its entirety, but at the same time it remains essentially human to all. In the end, it is a painting, a painting that we are dealing with, the highest expression of human creativity – and at the same time a proof of its fragility.

At the opening on October 24 at 7 pm, we will also christen the bilingual catalog of the same name. The authors of the texts are Kenneth G. Hay, Barbora Kundračíková,
Miroslav Petricek. The graphic design is the work of Pavel Tichon.

The exhibition will run until November 24, 2019.