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Almost The Magnificent Seven

4. 5. 2021 - 27. 6. 2021

Vystavující: Václav Buchtelík, Jakub Čuška, Pavel Dušek, Samuel Kollárik, Jiří Marek, Jan Soumar

Kurátor: Jan Kudrna

Press release (.doc)

When someone borrows the title of a cult western into the title today, thought automatisms, among other things, also generate the word courage. The most important link in the work of these six painters is the courage to paint. Art entered a never-ending digital arena some time ago. Into a space that defines its (un) certainty by the absence of its own boundaries. The artist is not and will not be a typical gladiator (although this may seem so in some cases). Although from time to time he stands in an exposed place with different energy, exposed to the audience with all expectations. However, he still has the possibility of physical exit without fatal punishment and irreversible consequences.
It is not about what formally unites the six painters, the common faith in the sense of their work is essential. The common, compelling need not only to paint, but above all to be a painter. Their courage to paint is completely devoid of thematic tendencies and engaged currents, their determination and devotion to their own path. If I were to summarise what is really the fundamental common denominator of this group of painters, these are certainly the following qualities: necessary, not only creative, humility and unprecedented determination, which one of our six authors summed up in a human way in one long distant conversation: „I’m going to paint, whatever. With I ketchup and mustard if I must. ”

The exhibition is accompanied by a bilingual publication summarizing the view of curator Jan Kudrna on selected authors and their own quotations formulating the author’s approach to painting.