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TA malba

16. 3. 2021 - 25. 4. 2021

Vystavující: Kateřina Ondrušková, Barbora Valášková, Beata Kurucz, Karolína Jelínková, Ester Knapová, Adriana Sarnová, Laura Limbourg, Gabriela Slaninková, Markéta Bábková, Markéta Kolářová, Veronika Gabrielová

Kurátor: Petr Vaňous

Tisková zpráva (.doc)

The project presents the youngest Czech female painting. Hence the emphasis of the authors. The selection relates to the laws of Czech grammar (“the painting”). He works with a context that has not yet been grasped by the curators. The second level, which the exhibition concept takes into account, is the outline of the generational statement of eleven beginning authors born in the 1990s and entering the art scene right now. For this reason, the spring term was also symbolically chosen for the presentation. Most of the selected works move in the interface between personal touch of the world, including the private, sometimes intimate sphere of life, and between the search for expression for hard-to-name emotions, material and social states. An important moment here is a specifically feminine way of sensitivity and criticality, which presents the area of ​​personal experience against the background of repetitive – everyday and unusual – rituals and dramas. The message of conflict between life assumptions and real reality is very stimulating.