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Zbyněk Sedlecký: Propman



A bilingual publication of the solo exhibition of the same name by one of the key authors of the generation born in the 1970s, Zbyněk Sedlecký, a painter for whom the relationship between the observer and the environment is essential and authoritative. He found himself in situations whose switch is personal experience linked to the basis of photographic recording.

While Sedlecký’s older works relied more on static photographic templates, and structurally transposed the technical surface of the medium into the distantiated, “documentary” character of the resulting painting, his more recent works draw objects and figures together into an intimate proximity with the viewer, an immediate distance, within reach, where they “breath” with their presence. In his most recent paintings there is a new way of personalising the seen and the depicted. The paintings are more compact and create a sense of the internal movement of forms within their explicit contrasts and complementarities (the focussed detail versus the blurred background, the firm versus the soft, the living versus the material, etc.).

Zbyněk Sedlecký’s paintings are not the manifestation of a “personal mythology”, which would construct something from the perspective of the transcendent authorial subject, but an attempt via a painterly excursion into specific genres to revive the relationship to the immediate world as something that is de facto natural, but something that must nevertheless be rediscovered, unveiled, and welcomed a new.

As he himself says: “I have always enjoyed treading the line between the banal and the important, and this is reflected in my selection of motifs and themes. As both artist and viewer, what I look for most in art and in painting in particular is a certain authenticity and credibility.”

Curator: Petr Vaňous
Texts: Petr Vaňous
Graphic design: Jana Vahalíková
Production: Blanka Čermáková, Veronika Čechmánková
Photos: Ján Rečo, Marcel Rozhoň, Ota Palán, Ivan Pinkava
Translation: Phil Jones
Text proofs: Tereza Hubáčková
Photo editing: Michal Janata ( Studio Marvil )
Print run: 350 ks