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Tono Stano: Brussels



A separate exhibition and publication of the same name entitled Brussels by the artist Tono Stana presents his current project, in which he deals not only with photography but also with the technique of painting. However, unusually on an indirect plane. He painted a cycle of abstract calligraphic paintings through his model and the results of their action, including photo and video documentation of the entire project, you can now see with your own eyes. The name of the Brussels exhibition is derived from the origin of one of the main elements of the author’s project – skates. It was precisely there where King George of Poděbrady’s expedition in the 15th century first saw townspeople sliding on frozen ponds and canals on boots equipped with knives. It was the ice skates that played an important role in the painting performance. The exhibition opens with a cycle of colorful portrait photographs, where the central figure is a woman. A woman as a model and at the same time a mediator or medium, which enabled the creation of a series of large-format abstract paintings in an unusual way. Photos and video capture of the story that took place in the film studio in 2016.

In the words of Tereza Matějčková from the accompanying text for the exhibition publication: What burns in the spirit does not burn out. Let’s say that inner heat is the unity of thought, speech and action. Not everyone can burn out and possibly no one can burn out right away. It is about continuing …. To create is to transcend, to lighten the load, to be free… Beauty does not exist without us, does not emerge through us, but thanks to us – when we discover the essence of what we see.“

A book by graphic designer Robert V. Novák was created for the exhibition, summarizing the individual phases of the project in a photographic story, supplemented by three essays by the philosopher Tereza Matějčková.


Curator: Tono Stano, Blanka Čermáková

Texts: Tereza Matějčková, Tono Stano

Graphic design: Robert V. Novák

Book production: Blanka Čermáková, Barbora Voj, Veronika Čechmánková, Lucie Kropáčová, Marcel Stecker

Photographers: Tomáš Rasl, Studio TS

Translation: Phil Jones

Proofreading: Tereza Hubáčková

Number of pages: 55