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RE_FORM: A survey of contemporary Czech sculpture


All books are bilingual and published for accompanying the same title exhibition in Trafo Gallery.


The exhibition is accompanied by the same title book in graphic design by Ondřej Šorm, which contains basic summary of chosen works by all exhibiting artists together with curatorial text by Radek Wohlmuth.

16 sculptors meet in one exhibition, devided into two spaces – outside part takes place in one of two main roads of Prague Market and the second in inner space of Hall 14 of Trafo Gallery. The exhibition project re_form is an investigation into the current state of Czech sculpture. It provides visual information regarding its current status, the forms it takes and its personal positions within the framework of its spatial expression. The aim was not only to draw attention to the extraordinarily powerful wave of young sculptors and their work, which is becoming increasingly clear, but to point out mutual contexts and intergenerational connections. And another thing – to make at least some attempt to reconfigure zoom on the Czech art scene, where attention has long been focused almost exclusively on painting and intermedia projects.

Although in recent years especially there has been a gradual increase in “bipolar” exhibitions combining image and sculpture, the Czech sculpture scene as a whole or at least a representative part of it is only to be seen in exceptional cases. This applies even more so to exhibitions wholly devoted to sculpture, unless, that is, one includes the often embarrassing results of sculpture symposia or the fluctuating quality of “holiday” sculptures in public space. The project re_form wants, if not to destroy this stereotype completely, then at least to disrupt it. It is no coincidence that the title of the exhibition contains echoes of reform, i.e. the desire to overturn the old and move things in a different direction.

Artists: Eliáš Dolejší, Pavla Dundálková, Ondřej Filípek, Matouš Háša, Jan Hendrych, Anna Hulačová, Kryštof Kaplan, Pavlína Kvita, Miriam Kaminská, Martin Malý, Vojtěch Míča, Aleš Novák, Lukáš Rittstein, Jaroslav Róna, Martin Skalický, Jindřich Zeithamml

Graphic design: Ondřej Šorm

Pages: 80