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Pavel Dušek: In the House


Texts: Radek Wohlmuth
Interview: Marie Bordier
Graphic design: Jan Matoušek
Production: Blanka Čermáková, Lucie Kropáčová, Šárka Samková
Photographs: Tomáš Fiala, Daniel Macek
Translation: Phil Jones
Proofreading: Tereza Hubáčková
Printing: Tiskárna Helbich, a.s.
Number of copies: 300 pcs
Number of pages: 61
ISBN 978-80-908604-2-1


A special concrete publication for the exhibition of a Czech artist working in the field of painting and street art, which presents the author’s latest painted concrete reliefs, in which we recognize his long-term theme that pervades his entire work – constructing, perceiving and, above all, experiencing space.
On the outside, everything is concentrated in the theme of the tight spatial composition of the interior, to which the name of the exhibition project also refers. In the case of traditionally painted pictures, it sometimes goes to the level of home furnishings. However, it is more typical to work with the basic layout of materials in the sense of the arrangement of individual structural elements. Even here, however, the author works with color, illusory optics and a perspective shortcut, as in ordinary painting, but he places the emphasis on material efficiency and architectural reality, which represent the basic distinguishing element. In this way, he expands the boundaries of the traditional hanging picture – it has a significant spatial effect in the sense of relief opening and thus takes the form of a hybrid platform – a picture object. In fact, it replaces the standard mat, board or canvas, with a type – concrete or acrystal, which allows it to use their malleable properties. In this way, Pavel Dušek created a unique combined technique that is located on the border between modeling and painting, where both components have their irreplaceable role.

We thank the partners of the publication: TBG Pražské malty, ESTRA stavební s.r.o. – dekorativní podlahy