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Marek Škubal: God of Repulsive Things



God of Repulsive Things – A set of 65 scratchboard scalpel-engraved drawings is the culmination of his doctoral work at the Academy of Fine Arts in Jiří Petrbok’s studio. Sixty-five different forms of a single being, a symbolic God who is able to absorb and unite polarities. Questions of evil and good, beauty and ugliness no longer matter here. God is not a being, uniting opposites and transforming them into another unity. It is born from the darkness it still eats and grows from. Darkness is its essence, an integral part and structure of the body. The cycle, based on the genesis of the author’s previous work and experience with Eastern philosophy, has a spiritual character both in its content and in the process of its origin. It does not cause decay, but eternal growth.

Texts: Eva Bendová, Marek Škubal, Otto M. Urban
Production: Blanka Čermáková
Graphic design: Jiří Karásek (studio Marvil)
Digitalisation of reproductions and preparation for printing: Radek Typovský (studio Marvil)
Translation: Phil Jones
Pages: 190