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Jakub Roztočil: What´s the Frequency?



The work of Jakub Roztočil (* 1979) can be briefly characterized using the keywords sound – matter – harmony. Given that he is primarily a procedural creator, this triad with other variables would be applicable dialectically. Sound in various forms, such as tone loops, is an impulse and a starting point for him. The material is represented by paint, pad, sculptural material and machine. The result of the research should then be harmony, for which the principle of chance and error entering the staged process is essential. It mimics the conditions that are associated with the cosmic order in the intellect.

Texts: Adam Hnojil, Barbora Kundračíková
Production: Blanka Čermáková
Graphic design: Oula
Photos: Jakub Roztočil, Kristýna Rezniková
Translation: Phil Jones
Number of pages:  82
Year: 2021