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Anna Neborová: The Shadows of Backlighting



The book presents a selection of paintings from the last ten years and includes cycles from the author’s close environment (everyday objects, apartment-studio environment, a collection of glass vases, toys, etc.). Her painting is characterized by a special authorial specialization of objectivity – the decomposition of light, the uncertainty of spatial plans of painting and work with a kind of dreamy or magical reality.

The concept of the exhibition, for which the book was published, is based on the last three thematic areas (Near Phantoms, Reach and Collection), which the author addressed in the period 2012-2021. The topic groups have a clear anchorage in objectivity, but they lack sharply defined interfaces. Rather, they fulfill the tendency to permeate each other, to complement each other and to blend. At the same time, there is a latent internal developmental movement that transforms the author’s perception. Anna Neborová’s painting of the last ten years can be said to create a kind of meta-cycle covered by an interest in an analytical view of the relationship between materiality and passing time in relation to the changing intimacy of the surrounding space, which this relationship radiates and transforms.

In the cycle Blízké přízraky / Close Phantoms commonplace objects such as underwear, a dress, coat or pillow, appear on the author’s as ghostly revelations an altered dreamy reality in which not only shadows but also light is irrationally lengthened, and where space shrinks and expands elastically, or is crumpled like paper. While in Sbírka / Collection attention was paid to specific (glass) objects as bearers of representation (perceived solitarily or in compositions), whereas in the ensemble Nadosah / Within Reach the view of the analytical character has already significantly impacted the material world, bringing us closer to surfaces, contours, frames, morphological traces, structures, textures, the movement of solidified materials, colour accents, and above all apertures through objects as material states.

“Sensitivity is important for me, both in relation to the brush, to mix the color, but also sensitivity in life. To be receptive to things that are happening around. We don’t always succeed. Nevertheless, I feel that life is such an attempt to be sensitive. ” (Anna Neborová from an interview with Jiří Kovanda in the book Shadows of Backlighting).

The publication summarizing Petr Vaňous’s curatorial view of the author’s work of the last decades, the painter‘s interview with the conceptual artist Jiří Kovanda and a selection of the author’s work over the past 10 years.

Photos: Tomáš Jiráček, Martin Polák, Tomáš Rasl
Grafic design: Jana Vahalíková
Pages: 176